Website review

Credit Poor is one of the emerging companies in UK; which is helping the people with logbook loans. The uniqueness of the company is to provide logbook loans to those who have a very poor credit history. There are situations where a person can be in dire need of the loan and it becomes more difficult; when there is deadline for the payments or even though in case of emergency.. Logbook is the famous and the most secure form of loan is the UK and it is accepted by many of the beneficiaries and the customers. Credit poor Loans ensure that once an application comes in their database; the borrower is given immediate response with the help of car evaluation and then the money is transferred on the instant basis.

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Credit Poor can be reached via phone call, physical visit or even the website; being the fastest and more approachable medium. The website is quite simple and attractive for the potential loan seekers. The combination of white, with light blue and green background gives it a sense of peace and tranquility. The structure of the site comprises:

• Site Header: A simple logo of poor credit with the sign of the TM. The logo indicates that the company aims to help people with bad credit loans.

• Theme Picture: Theme picture is shown as trees. The main message is the peace and the tranquility in the lending sector. The color combination gives a smooth touch with the page; hence it is well suited with the main page as well.

• Middle part: Middle part of the website comprises all the information that is compulsory for potential clients such as loans, interest rate and payment plans. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) details are also given in blue vibrant colors and it shows that what interest rate is being charged

Foot note: Foot note has upper section which has given examples about the loan, repayment and interest rates and in the lower section like every traditional website the details of the company are given.

While navigation to the other pages; a user can get all necessary information. Home page gives information and highlight about the loans as well as it gives the information about the reasons why the credit poor must been chosen. While the page “How it works” gives the details about the processing, necessary documentation, ways of applying the loans and even though the qualification criteria as well. The third tab “FAQ” has all the questions which can be potentially asked by the customers; hence it is already detailed on the page. While the last page “About us” has the details about the company.

In short the website of the credit loan is quite comprehensive and all the details are well maintained and informed as well. It is easy to navigate and the images are less so can be uploaded and can been seen in any media. Apart from that the first view of the site is capable to capture attention from the clients.